Frequently Asked Questions

What is it used for?

Thermite reactions have many uses. Thermite is not an explosive; instead it operates by exposing a very small area of metal to extremely high temperatures. Intense heat focused on a small spot can be used to cut through metal or weld metal components together both by melting metal from the components, and by injecting molten metal from the thermite reaction itself.

Thermite may be used for repair by the welding in-place of thick steel sections such as locomotive axle-frames where the repair can take place without removing the part from its installed location.

Thermite can be used for quickly cutting or welding steel such as rail tracks, without requiring complex or heavy equipment. However, defects such as slag inclusions and voids (holes) are often present in such welded junctions and great care is needed to operate the process successfully. Care must also be taken to ensure that the rails remain straight, without resulting in dipped joints, which can cause wear on high speed and heavy axle load lines.

Some uses are:

  • An unstoppable, weatherproof fire starter
  • Brilliant firework
  • cutting through metals, or locks
  • welding things together
  • casting iron parts
  • quickly disabling equipment, vehicles, etc.

Is it legal? only sells Thermite in its UNMIXED form, which is simply aluminum and iron oxide(rust). Check your local laws regarding mixing or using Thermite, as different laws may apply after it is mixed. In unmixed form it is perfectly legal.

How do I mix it?

Mixing can be done by putting both ingredients into a closed container and shaking or rotating it until it is thoroughly mixed. DISCLAIMER: Check your local laws regarding Thermite before mixing, as it may not be legal in all areas.

How do I light it?

Thermite requires a very high temperature to light. A match or lighter will not work. A magnesium ribbon will create the temperatures required, but is not ideal, as they burn too quickly and go out easily. For best results use the high-temp fuse sticks. They can be lit with a match or lighter. They are included with every order, and you can purchase extras as well.


How do I store it?

Store unmixed in a dry glass or plastic container. Unmixed it is non-combustable and perfectly safe.


Do you ship internationally?

We only ship domestically within the United States of America. At this time we cannot honor any international orders.